Ballistic protection glasses from Swisseye convince with shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. The ballistic protection glasses are produced according to the strict safety norm EN 12312-1. All of these glasses offer the highest optical quality with 100% UVA, UVB and UVC-protection without distortion


All of our frames are made of robust, flexible, shatterproof anti-allergic material. The main material is TR90. Some of our frames also have adjustable temples, (optional) RX clip adapters as well as more beneficial features such as comfortable nose pads to ensure a good fit. Furthermore, all tactical glasses also have a special antifog/antiscratch-coating which prevents all lenses for steaming up and scratching.

standards and certifications


EN 12312-1
This norm is the European Standard that specifies the special requirements (mechanical, optical, and so on) for sunglasses and sunglare filters for protection.

MIL-PRF-31013 /32432
This norm is a US military standard for spectacles and special performance protective eyewear to test its ballistic effectiveness.

STANAG 2920/4296
The NATO abbreviation STANAG stands for „Standardization Agreement” which sets up conditions, terms, technical procedures etc. between the alliance members. This test which is called V-50 is the adaption of standards for ballistic protection levels / testing of glasses which are shoot with a special buckshot. The result of this special testing and the calculation of the V-50 value is called the arithmetic means of the tempo.

EN 166
The eye protection regarding the professional life is regulated with the norm EN166. It is the standard European norm for the personal eye protection specifications which classified the eye protection in detail.

ANSI Z87.1
ANSI is the American National Standard that covers the basic requirements for personal eye as well as face protection to minimize e.g. accidents from impacts.

The norms are written in the frames or on the glasses of each glasses.